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Project Holiday Import Wizard version 2.1 released

posted 27 Jun 2012, 06:45 by Warren Bain

I have been pretty busy in the cloud (see http://ninefold.com for details) but a few people have been asking for the holiday import wizard to be able to work with Office 2010.  It will now find the Outlook 2010 Holiday file if you have Outlook installed and it will run in Project 2010 but I have not been able to test that it performs correctly in Project 2010.  Can someone try and let me know?  Download the new version from here.

Project Holiday Import Wizard version 2.0 released

posted 6 Apr 2010, 19:36 by Warren Bain

The latest version of our tool for importing holidays into Microsoft Project calendars as non-working time has been released.  A new time range option has been icnluded which defaults to only display future holidays for import selection rather than all the holidays from 2002 as was the case (depending on your Outlook Holiday File version).  A number of minor bugs have also been fixed.  See the Change History for details.  Download the new version from here.

Project Holiday Import Wizard version 1.2 released

posted 1 Apr 2010, 13:41 by Warren Bain   [ updated 1 Apr 2010, 13:49 ]

Our recent email to users uncovered a couple of minor errors which have been corrected along with an overall improvement in error handling in release 1.2 of the Project Holiday Import Wizard.  Download your free copy of this useful tool for importing selected holidays into Microsoft Project calendars.

Project Holiday Import Wizard version 1.1 released

posted 15 Mar 2010, 19:24 by Warren Bain

An issue with the way Hebrew dates from the Outlook Holiday file were interpreted caused some errors in the translation of Hebrew dates into Gregorian dates.  Any date later than the sixth Hebrew month in a non-leap year was incorrect.  This has now been fixed and the new version can be downloaded here: new Project Holiday Import Wizard.

Holiday observance rules

posted 11 Mar 2010, 21:57 by Warren Bain   [ updated 11 Mar 2010, 22:00 ]

A new discussion regarding the handling of public holidays falling on a weekend has been created to determine how best to handle this situation in the Project Holiday Import Wizard.  See Thought Croft Discussions: Rules for observing holidays that fall on a weekend for details and please add a comment to have your say.

New discussion blog launched at Blogspot

posted 30 Apr 2009, 00:24 by Warren Bain

Thought Croft have created a blog for discussion of our tools and other general issues.  Please visit our Thought Croft Discussions Blog to provide feedback on our tools and services and suggest future directions.

Import Wizard listed on Project MVP site

posted 20 Apr 2009, 15:09 by Warren Bain

The Microsoft Project MVP (Most Valued Professional) website has listed Thought Croft's Project Holiday Import Wizard as a third party Microsoft Project Companion product. These companion products extend the usefulness of Project.  Our wizard enables the import of over 8,000 national and religious holidays from 88 countries as non-working time in the project base calendars.  See the MVPS article here and more information about the Project Holiday Import Wizard here.

Import holidays into Microsoft Project

posted 15 Apr 2009, 22:01 by Warren Bain

Thought Croft is pleased to announce a new wizard to automate the marking of "non-working" days in the Microsoft Project Base Calendar.  This tool is a VBA enabled Microsoft Project Plan document (*.mpp) which will open an Outlook Holiday File, allow selection of the hundreds of religious and national holidays from most countries for subsequent import into the Global Template Base Calendars or a specific Microsoft Project Plan Base Calendar.

This tool is available for free download by clicking here.

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